What is MMBRC?

The Medical & Monetary Benefits Resource Center, LLC., (MMBRC) is a law firm focused on obtaining medical and monetary benefits for individuals with mental and emotional illness. 

MMBRC will fight to get the resources our clients need and deserve. We help those with "invisible illness" which is as real and even often more disabling than visible physical illness or conditions, to obtain medical and monetary benefits. We understand that medical and monetary assistance is crucial to those who, because of mental health conditions, are unable to work or function at the same level as others.

MMBRC helps, adults, adolescents, and children.

We understand that living with mental illness is very difficult to endure. We strive to make sure medical treatment is within reach and financial assistance is provided to this underserved population.


Jacqueline Green, Esq.


Theodore Johns, Esq.


Aleshia Ward Disability Specialist/Paralegal


Barbara Waldron Disability Legal Assistant